Anonymous: why would you call out hip hop bloggers like that lol.

Because its the truth.



I don’t know who makes me cringe more; real-hiphophead or hiphopfightsback they’re both so fucking corny


Titanium Fangs by Hardcore Shutterbug 
Anonymous: In recent years there has been an emergence of hip-hop collectives (Black Hippy, Odd Future, etc.) what would your top 10 of these collectives be?
  • Hellfyre Club
  • Doomtree
  • Demigodz
  • Dungeon Family
  • Army of the Pharoahs
  • Hieroglyphics 
  • Hypnotize Minds
  • The Weathermen (Even though its been a while since they released their last album, can’t not put them down)
  • Black Hippy (Haven’t released an album together yet but whatever)
  • Pro Era

These are only collectives that have released albums recently under their name (except for The Weathermen and i guess Dungeon fam as well). 



turbine room of the tidal power plant La Rance by Roland Gööck from ”all miracles of the world” - 1968